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Weed control tips:


The spring has been long and the rains plentiful for a change here in New Jersey.  That has been great for plant growth, but weeds are plants too!

Here are some tips for controlling them, and for making your plants thrive.

  • Do not use fabric barriers!

    • Fabric barriers do not prevent weeds (the weeds will just grow on top and eventually through it.)

    • Fabric barriers prevent earthworms and other soil-enriching critters from reaching the surface, thus killing them and your soil.

  • Sprinkle some fresh cornmeal on the soil to prevent weed seeds from germinating.  It is best to get it from a feed mill​ but the sacks you get in the grocery store will work, albeit not as well.  Preen is a good substitute if you don't mind chemicals.

  • Mulch your beds to a depth of 3-4 inches.  Less than that and weeds will come right through, more and you risk suffocating plant roots.

    • When mulching newly planted annuals, turn the pots they came in upside down and place them over the plants.​  Spread your mulch, then remove the pots.  No more mulch shreds on your pretty flowers!

    • Avoid colored mulches.  They are a waste of money and they don't look very nice.  Get a good root mulch or shredded hardwood mulch instead.​

    • To keep your mulch looking fresh run a rake across the surface once a month (more if desired.)  This will also help water percolate down to the plants' root zone.

  • Get a stirrup hoe.  This tool is wonderful for getting rid of newly sprouted weeds and a great back saver too!​

  • Take time to enjoy your garden, perhaps with your favorite libation.  Happy Spring!

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