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SR3 Engineering creates ethical, sustainable and beautiful landscapes.  Our goal is to treat our clients, our coworkers, and the earth with respect and integrity.

What we do:

-Residential and commercial landscape

-Stormwater solutions

-Phased landscape plans

-Full-service design and installation

-Do it yourself plans

-Low Maintenance plans

-Pre-listing consultations for home sellers (curb appeal)

Why use a designer?

-Formal design training

-Can reduce energy costs

-Knowledge of plants

-Understands soil conditions

-Creates a high-end look (often on a budget)

-Can give you a plan that you can install yourself or can manage the entire project for you

-Understands the “look” you want and has the skills to translate it to your home or business

-Can create a lighting plan for after-dark enjoyment and security


-Businesses with attractive landscaping draw more business and keep their customers more than those with poor or no landscaping.

-Rental rates for well-landscaped properties are higher than those with poor or no landscaping

-Customers are willing to pay higher prices to businesses with attractive landscaping

-Even a pair of well-designed pots at your business’s entrance can create the impression of landscaping – and increase your foot traffic


What you should spend:

Experts suggest spending 10% of your home’s value on your landscape.  This includes non-plant materials such as decks, fences, lighting, etc.

DIY can significantly reduce costs, but you still need a plan


What to expect:

-In-home visit and interview to establish goals and assess site conditions

-Preliminary design review

-Final landscape plan- color rendered with photos of plant selections

-For installations, regular progress assessments and contractor oversight

-Follow up after installation to assess issues and client satisfaction


Return on investment:

Return on investment varies but most experts agree that a good landscape can increase a home’s value anywhere from 5 to 20 percent

For home sellers, getting an offer can be quicker by as much as 6 weeks over a home with no or poor landscaping

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